My name is Matthew Rumer, but by the end, I will be Matty, Rumer, or MattyRu. Oh! my favorite, “Hey ART!”

Michigan born and raised. Now I am a Los Angeles local. I have worked in many different areas in Film and Television, but most importantly I love film. I graduate from Eastern Michigan University, with a BA in Electronic Media and Film Production with a Concentration in Film Theory and German Language and Business. During this time I also became a level 2 cicerone, I love beer!

I work as a freelance Production Designer, mostly in film and scripted television. We all have that one thing that you blame on your parents and mine is loving horror films. My special areas in film are; Drama, Horror, SciFi, and Period Pieces.

Traveling is a must for me; I love being in the great out doors. One thing is for sure, survival training is hobby of mine and while learning to be outside and traveling, it teaches you what camaraderie means. The respect that you need for yourself, others and nature. Nature, she can be mean! This can truly can make, or break a production. But you never know when you’re going to need a tent.

Someone a long time ago told me that, “if at first you don’t succeed, don’t try skydiving.” I haven’t gone yet, but I love diving. I am a 3 meter spring-board diver and love being in the water. I dive at USC as a master diver, it’s fun! One more thing, I love to play music. I have played the Saxophone since I was 8 years old and I have many woodwinds in my house. A piano and many other instruments that I have collected on my travels.

Thats about it, hope to meet you soon!